Personal Statement from Carrollton Mayor Matthew Marchant

[From day one on this campaign, I have shared that one of my priorities is to improve the relationships that LISD has with leadership in our 13 host communities. I have met with and received support from elected officials from our host cities and legislative districts, to talk about what matters to me for our region, and how our efforts can be more collaborative to bring success to our constituent families.

So I am exceptionally proud today on the eve of the election to announce the support of Carrollton Mayor Matthew Marchant for my race. Regardless of the outcome on Saturday, I look forward to working with him to make all of Lewisville ISD along with the City of Carrollton as strong as they can possibly become. ~ Kronda]


“Kronda is an engaged and passionate advocate for LISD. Hebron High School and our LISD elementary and middle schools need a strong advocate like Kronda to maintain our excellent ratings and quality of life.”

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