Since her decision to file for Place 1 in the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees election, Kronda has received overwhelming support from residents across the district: business leaders, parents, taxpayers, and community servants.

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Rob & Margaret Adams
Bill & Shannon Adams
Larry and Sandra Adcock
Cindy Alivernia
Roy & Karla Anderson
Susana Avila-Margraf
Tiffany Berthelot
Kathy Beahm
Mike and Angie Bishop
Mike & Pam Boronski – Personal Statement, Supporter Profile
Joy Bowen
Chris Bright
Pete and Libby Briscoe – Personal Statement
David & Kory Brooks
Patricia Cheatham
Michelle Cree
Will & Ashley Crowe
James and Missy Deen – Personal Statement
Collins & Holly Deloach
Brent & Kashawni Dirks
Steve and Nancy Drew
Mike & Marty Drury
David and Kelly Duggan
Fielding & Lynn Dunlap
Chuck and Lori Elsey – Personal Statement
Chad Elsey
Kirk & Deanna Evans
Chris & Debbie Farver – Personal Statement, Supporter Profile
Laura Fechner
Cindy Ferguson
Will & Julie Flaa
Gavin Fleten – Supporter Profile
Ryan & Julie Foughty
Kirk & Rhonda France
Leigh Ann Genard
TJ Gilmore – Personal Statement
Robert & Gracie Goin
Lisa & Warren Govinchuck – Personal Statement
Jennifer Gray
Laura & Tim Green
LaTricia Griffin
Scott & Suzi Griffith
Glenn & Teresa Grundstrom
Will & Lisa Hajek
Kyle and Ita Harris
Brad & Laura Hasler
Shawn and Michelle Henderson
Darrell and Michelle Holley
Lisa Ingalls
Jonice Isom – Supporter Profile
Mike & Brenda Jamison
Wendy Johnson
Jeff & Jill Johnson
Chris and Belle Joyner
Brad & Denice Kiesling
Julie King – Personal Statement
Don and Stacy Kirkwood
Danelle Krupa
Greg & Marci Layn – Personal Statement
Rick & Stephanie Lee
Jerry & Tamara Lisby
David Loerwald
Michelle Lowe – Personal Statement
Ron & Leslie Lowery
George and Martha Lubke
Matt & Amy MacArthur – Personal Statement
Suzy Matheson
Jim & Nikki Maranell
Matthew Marchant – Personal Statement
Allison Martin
Charles and Erin McAnally
Kathryn and John McGhee
Yvette and Scott McKee
Keith & Jessica Melker
Marc & Darla Mertuka
Jim and Susan Mittan
Mike and Keely Mobley
Jason & Jennifer Muskovich
Brad and Janet Parr
Michelle Passmore
Jan Pepper
Grace Perianayagam
Caitlin Pope
Loyal and Tina Proffitt
Jeff and Jenny Proznik
Jill & Matt Pruyn
Drew and Tracy Rehfuss
Russ and Chonnie Richey
Curt and Julie Richmond – Personal Statement
Pap and Sandye Roark
Toshika Robinson
Jeff and Beth Seeley
Kathy Scherer
Katherine Sells
Dr. Thomas & Margi Siems – Personal Statement
Steve Smith
Candace & Rob Snyder
Tamara Soderstrom
Kevin & Karen Springstead
Steve and Kelli Stegall
Randy & Beth Stubblefield
Tim & Christi Sullivan
Andy and Sharon Sykes
Steve Tennenbaum
Craig and Jennifer Thimesch
Denny and Carol Thimesch
Bill and Marsha Thomas
Ted and Cathy Turner
Patty and Joe Vaccaro
Tony and Jean Valderamma
Stephanie Venturini
Kendra Wagner
Anthony Wilder
Eric & Jennifer Willis
Todd & Pattie Wilson
Nancy Winkler
Allyn Wise